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    What is ACT?

    An all-encompassing training centre that encourages, enlightens and activates the five-fold ministries and Gifts of the Spirit within the body of Christ


    Who’s behind ACT?

    ACT is the vision realised of Apostle Lovel Bent, supported by a team of four, Hyacinth Smith, Ade Omooba, Courtney Richards and Verona Richards.


    Our vision for ACT

    ACT is to enable, equip and activate the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. The vision is that each one would find their place in the Kingdom and walk it out with power.


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    It’s all about your vision...

    What is Activate?

    It is a ministry vehicle that seeks to mobilise and fulfil the Romans 8:19 manifestation of the children of God as creation waits in eagerness. It seeks to help make the vision clear to the visionary, encourage and equip the visionary to write the vision down and run with it.


    Who is it for?

    Everyone who wants to fulfil their kingdom assignment. Church members with a sense of vision/leaders who need renewed sense of purpose.


    What will I get out of it?

    Strengthened in your faith, discovering your gifts and callings. Support to walk out your kingdom assignment.





    What is ministry? Where are you called to? Am I in the right ministry (area of service)
    - CHURCH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Church Leadership defined. Appropriate and adequate Training. Monitoring and evaluation (accountability)

    Fathering defined - what it is what it isn’t. Discipleship (membership and leadership). Accountability.
    - HOW TO NAVIGATE THE REALMS OF THE SPIRIT Spirituality and spirit realm. Spiritualist and deliverance Interpretation and navigation. Visions dreams trance and imaginations (Spiritual discernment )
    - LEARNING TO HEAR GOD AND THE WAY HE SPEAKS The voice of God verses the voice of man. The voice of the enemy. Experiencing and encountering God
    - POTENTIAL TRAPS INCLUDING CHARACTER FAILING Capacity and character building. Insecurity and selfish ambition. Burnt out. Godliness with great contentment. Prominence verses influence.


    Why am I here what is my purpose. The purpose of God. Working for God or God working through you. Complexities and complications of purpose.
    - CHURCH PLANTING Tools for church planting. Planting and watering. Teamwork. Council of reference and mediation
    - PRAYERS INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE (MONOLOGUE OR DIALOGUE) The 3D’s of PRAYER - Desire, Discipline and Delight. What is supplication, Intercession, Groanings and Lamentation? PRAYER as a most potent weapon. Praying the word.
    - TRUE WORSHIP INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE What is worship. Worship as a lifestyle. Who is worshipped.

  • Teachers/Lecturers/Speakers

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    Apostle Lovel Bent

    Founder ACT


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    Pastor Hyacinth Smith

    Pastor, New Life Assembly


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    Ade Omooba MBE

    Co-founder Christian Concern


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    Courtney Richards

    Pastor, Glory Mission


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    Verona Richards

    Pastor, Glory Mission


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    Guest Trainers



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